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Dog Escapes, Runs 20 Blocks To Visit Owner In Hospital

Published: Feb 13, 2015 | Hana Jurik

Dog Escapes, Runs 20 Blocks To Visit Owner In Hospital

This story is a true testament of the bond between humans and our four legged friends. A dog in Cedar Rapids, Iowa escaped from her yard and walked 20 blocks to the hospital where her owner was recovering from a cancer surgery. Nancy had been in the hospital for several weeks and Sissy the dog was persistent to find her owner.

The security footage from the hospital shows Sissy entering the hospital via the motion activated doors and running down the hospital halls with her nose to the ground fresh on her owners trail.

Mercy Medical Center security officer, Samantha Conrad was able to stop Sissy and called the number on her tags. Dale, Nancy's husband picked up the phone in surprise. He had been searching for the dog for hours.

Due to the hospitals policy, Sissy was not able to stay with Nancy, however she did get to visit Nancy for a while before being taken back home.

Published: Feb 13, 2015 By: Hana Jurik

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