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10 Sexiest Accents on Earth

Published: Feb 11, 2015 | Kierra Heart

10 Sexiest Accents on Earth

A new survey conducted by Time Out magazine has found that when it comes to sexy accents, the Brits rule the world. It is fair to mention that the magazine does originate in England, however the results of the poll showed an overwhelming percentage of the global population prefers a British accent on their man or woman.

Here are the full results of the survey.

#10 Scandinavian

Won 3.3% of the votes.


Scandinavia is a historical and cultural-linguistic region in Northern Europe characterized by a common ethno-cultural Germanic heritage and related languages. It comprises the three kingdoms of Norway, Denmark, and Sweden.

#9 Latin America

Won 4.1% of the votes.

Latin America

Latin America includes Mexico and South America. Latin Americans and their descendants can be found almost everywhere in the world, particularly in densely populated urban areas. The most important migratory destiny for Latin Americans are the United States, Western Europe, Canada and Australia.

#8 Scottish

Won 4.7% of the votes.


Not only does the world love their whiskey, apparently we can't get enough of their distinctive accents.

#7 Spanish

Won 4.9% of the votes.


Spanish people are some of the sexiest people in the world, so it only goes without saying that we would love their sexy accents too.

#6 Italian

Won 6% of the votes.


Italian is the language of passion. The Italian accent is robust and flavorful to the ear. Seductive, yet sophisticated.

#5 French

Won 7.7% of the votes.


The French accent is the accent of love. You can spew out a series of curse words in French and it still sounds like heaven to the ears.

#4 Australian

Won 8% of the votes.


Who isn't a complete sucker for a person with an Australian accent. The accent itself is fun, and makes anyone who speaks it sound rugged, just like the outback.

#3 Irish

Won 8.1% of the votes.


If you've ever had a conversation with a person from Ireland, you may find yourself not paying any attention to what they're saying and instead admiring how they talk. Ireland is so close to England, yet Irish accents are so distinctively different and unique.

#2 American

Won 8.7% of the votes.


America has such a wide array of accents. Southern, Northern, Western. Ya'll must just love Americans.

#1 British

Won 27% of the votes.


It's really hard to argue against this result. British people sound so proper and well educated when they talk.

Published: Feb 11, 2015 By: Kierra Heart

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