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Never Lose Your Pet Again

Published: Jan 26, 2015 | Courtney Brewster

Never Lose Your Pet Again

According to a survey compiled by the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) in the last 5 years, 15% of pet owners have lost a dog or cat. Of the pets lost, 85% were recovered. Cat owners were less likely to find their cats, only 74% of lost cats were recovered.

Last year my husband and I went on our honeymoon. One of our big worries was leaving our dog for a week. Although we had a pet sitter, we worried about him getting off his leash and running away. We love our dog as if he were our child. The thought of losing him was enough to make us both want to pass on the honeymoon. After doing lots of research I found the Tagg Pet Tracker, a GPS unit worn on the pet’s collar which enables you to locate your pet.

I was a bit skeptical about the device and how accurate it would be. But with the honeymoon approaching it really was the best option to give us both peace of mind. I ordered the Tagg Tracker and activated the service. After playing around with the device for a few days, I was pleasantly surprised by the accuracy of the GPS unit.

Using the Tagg app, you can set a digital perimeter around your house so that when your pet strays too far from the monitoring unit, you get a text message or email alert. I set mine to about 300 feet, so I was getting lots of notifications when my dog left the house with the sitter. I ran multiple tests where my husband would take our dog to random parking lots without me knowing. I used the app to do a live scan to locate. Within 30 seconds, the device had located them in a small plaza a few miles from our house. I was still skeptical, but much to my surprise when I followed the map to the parking lot, they were there sitting in the car.

I have now been using the Tagg Tracker for 3 months. The tracker needs to be charged once every 5 days. There is a monthly service charge and an activation fee. We are paying $7.95/month now.

The Tagg Tracker also has a bunch of features like activity tracking, so you can see how active your dog is throughout the day. I disabled this feature because it drained the battery quicker.

You can choose to disabled your service and only use the tracker when you go on vacation to save on the monthly charge. You just need to repay the activation fee before you re-activate the unit.

For now, the Tagg Tracker really is the best product on the market for tracking your pets. As the technology advances, battery life will no doubt get better. Right now I have to charge the unit once every 5 days. It would be nice if they could extend this to at least 2 weeks. The tracker will text your phone when the battery is low, which is pretty neat.

If you’re interested in the Tagg Tracker you can buy it on amazon here Amazon Tagg Tracker

You can view additional information by visiting the manufacturer’s website here https://www.pettracker.com

Published: Jan 26, 2015 By: Courtney Brewster

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