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8 Proven Ways To Stay Motivated In the Gym

Published: Jan 21, 2015 | Ashley Shevel

8 Proven Ways To Stay Motivated In the Gym

Nothing kills gains faster than bordom.

If you've ever spent enough time in the gym you'll agree that after a while things tend to get boring. You may find yourself unmotivated and unwilling to even go. I've had my moments where I almost had to trick myself into going to the gym.

If you want results, you have to be consistent. Consistency means showing up for all your workouts, regardless of your mood. So here is a list of some methods you can deploy to help keep your workouts fresh and exciting. If things get really boring, try mixing a few of these together.

#1 Spice Up Your Wardrobe

Spice Up Your Wardrobe

You feel as good as you look and your health is an important investment. I find when I really lag in the gym, sometimes just a new gym outfit is enough to bring me out of a slump.

#2 Listen To New Music

Listen To New Music

If you don't listen to music when you work out, you may want to start. Many people who train insist that music helps them push through their workouts. If you do listen to music, your solution may be as simple as mixing up your playlist.

#3 Change Your Resting Interval

Change Your Resting Interval

One thing you can do to immediately challenge yourself is to change your resting interval. If you normally rest 60 seconds between sets, try to rest 45 seconds or 30 seconds for a while. On the other hand, you increase your resting intervals you should increase your weight resistance.

#4 Try A New Supplement

Try A New Supplement

There are several supplements you can try. Protein powders, pre workout drinks for energy, BCAA drinks for recovery, creatine for endurance. If you are having a hard time in the gym, sometimes adding a new supplement will give you the mental edge to push through your plateau.

#5 Change Your Routine

This may require you to change your fitness goals.

Change Your Routine

The fastest way to get bored in the gym is doing the same workout over and over again. Your body adapts pretty quick and once it does, you will stop getting results. So keep your body guessing, keep your workouts fresh, challenge yourself with new exercises and new repetition schemes.

#6 Train With A Partner

Train With A Partner

Training with a partner can have lots of benefits. Besides having a spotter to assist you with your lifts, you'll have someone right next to you to help you push through tough sets.

#7 Change Gyms

Change Gyms

If you really get bored, perhaps it's time for a change of scenery. If you belong to a gym with multiple chains, you may be fortunate enough to have another destination near by without having to pay for a new membership. Having multiple locations to train is beneficial for lots of reasons. All gyms have different equipment and layouts. If you go to a new gym, you'll surround yourself with new people and sometimes there's nothing as inspiring as watching a fit person training.

#8 Follow A Fitness Guru

The fitness world is full of amazing people with incredible bodies. When your feeling uninspired, follow a few fitness athletes online. Fitness athletes always post interesting information and videos about training. You can watch videos of them online and see how they train and how they eat.

Published: Jan 21, 2015 By: Ashley Shevel

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