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10 Countries With The Hottest Women

Published: Dec 24, 2014 | Troy Andrews

10 Countries With The Hottest Women

Get your passport ready!

The world is filled with beautiful women. Regardless of their nationality. Beauty is defined differently in all corners of the world. What makes a women beautiful? According to science it has a lot to do with proportions and symmetry. Here is a list of countries whom often make any top 10 list for the most beautiful women of the world.

#10 Bulgaria


Bulgarian women are some of the most high demand models in the world. Their exotic look is to die for.

#9 Australia


Australian produces some great looking females. Plus those accents...my God, those accents. They are enough to drive any man wild.

#8 Japan


Japanese women take exotic to a whole new level. Their small bodies and pale skin are enough to drive any man crazy.

#7 Canada


Canadian women generally have great personalities. Canada has produced some of the hottest women in the world.

#6 America (USA)

America (USA)

Known for their golden locks and tan bodies. It's no wonder so many men flock to the United States in search for their "All American Girl".

#5 Spain


Women of Spain might as well be women from heaven. Their sweet soft look with a sharp twist of exotic makes them some of the hottest women alive.

#4 Columbia


Colombian women are both breathtaking and traditional. Its hard for anyone to deny their beauty. Their natural beauty is second to none.

#3 Albania


The dark features of Albanian women are hard to resist. Their exotic look is enough to melt any mans heart.

#2 Russia


If your lucky enough to date or marry an authentic Russian woman, consider yourself fortunate and among a special group of individuals. Russian produces some of the hottest women on planet earth.

#1 Brazil


Brazilian women are known for their luscious curves and playful spirits. Take a trip to Rio and don't be surprised if you never want to come home.

Published: Dec 24, 2014 By: Troy Andrews

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